Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alicia Keys looks pretty good thanks to her curves. Copy-style tricks!

Alicia Keys

We often see references to women whose physical style hover about sizes quite tight, if not excessive. Instead, the physical women like Alicia Keys rarely perfect exemplified in recent months and is leaving us with great outfits that promote a healthy and attractive curves.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has the constraint of having a very strong hip but he knows very well take advantage of it lately. It is perfect in this dress Victoria Beckham in black. It has an hourglass figure with a defined waist and shoulders so pronounced compartáis who these features have several tricks of style that can copy him.

The waist is the key. Belts of all types, relying on details that are usually thicker than thin, draws attention to a waist high and visually improved. Be warned though, you know that if you are better to opt for lower belts fine .

Alicia Keys

These belts not lost fashion gold belt that goes well with jackets cut fitted and finished in peak shape further stylized figure. Including the three-quarter sleeves.

Alicia Keys

As with jackets, coats and finishes with contrasting sleeves shaped peak worth to reach mid-thigh and creating a finer line. And of course, as the basic black pants.

Alicia Keys

The contrast between black and white also achieved further emphasize your figure creating the separation between the two sides. The boots and thin heel sandals also always accompany the singer.

I really like the style of the last months of Alicia Keys, looking very pretty and tastefully curves.

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