Thursday, October 25, 2012

All the red carpet! Or is that celebrities do not have bad days just like you?


Of course they do, bad days and in many cases a past to hide starring makeup that favored them, styling them like a shot and sat far less flattering silhouettes. So do not believe that is the red carpet for celebrities only beautiful, thin and smiling. They also have bad days, or days like you and me. If not you just ask Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lopez.

Have you never had one of those days "red" saying Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's in which you do not want or get up? In the sweats and an evening by the fireplace, which of course do not have, is what you most want. No makeup, no heels, no hairdresser or smile. This is the latest Jennifer Lopez red day.


Kristen Stewart must have many red days lately, at least I would have them in their situation. Vampires bloodsuckers of the tabloids have spread their infidelity nauseum. She perfectly calm, with the advice must for any self-respecting red day: a hat (for hair horrible) and goggles (for dark circles).


Sarah Jessica Parker can not always be heard mona. And least 3 day churumbeles and dogs seem to do in Manhattan.

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