Monday, October 29, 2012

Although many people say otherwise, go dressed Zara cool. And the People section shows us


People criticize (and I include myself in avaces group) the girls are dressed almost 100% of Zara. We say a 'buf! Wow unoriginal, is dressed like the dummy'. And although it is sometimes true, sometimes not many, and here we show that go mola Zara dressed throngs and no matter which e sa jacket is the best-selling worldwide. She has a special charm that makes everything that you unique.

And they've seen in the last chapter of People! Spanish firm. And you realize that there are girls with much grace that can make parts of this firm are genuine objects of desire. As always, the key to everything is playing at home and after much practice to risk going outside.


When I saw this look on Carolines Mode thought wow. And when I heard it was a total look of Zara the 'wow' has become ' WOOOOOOW ! '. Yes, you too can achieve something, do you dare?


The classic outfit to office based blazer and skinny now renewed with these jeans with animal-print accents. Fantastic with very little, what do you say?


And to complete the look that all impacted me. I commented recently as the trend of cropped trousers and grew more and more and more. Well, this girl shows us that with a little grace can bring. Personally I would wear this look because I could not defend it, but I know that she feels great.


What do you think of these looks?

Photos | People! Zara
In Jared | baggy pants and ankle ... You join fashion?
In Jared | The Fall 'all in' on red. Your sure bet to come out ahead

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