Monday, October 29, 2012

Amancio Ortega Foundation has more than 63 million for social projects in 2012

Amancio Ortega

On Thursday Caritas reported the "donation" Amancio Ortega Foundation that had made ​​his name. No less than 20 million euros for the basic care program conducted in Spain. Most of the history of NGOs . Then came the news flew and the usual reviews. First of all, read my companion IC in Salmon's Blog that explains well how not even a donation, but an agreement .

If there is still an option to criticism after the good words of IC, that same Twitter Thursday could read how some put to light the latest grants or contracts Amancio Ortega Foundation, surprised while the buzz that was generated with this issue since the 20 million are not new. Only in this 2012 his foundation has allocated 46 million euros to three social projects, which now collects data Europa Press in an article.

These projects can be found on the website of the Foundation Amancio Ortega . They are: a new social charity headquarters Father Rubinos center in La Coruna, Project Man Project Children Schools and Galicia.

In the new facilities of the institution social benefit Father Rubinos 25 million budget earmarked as seen reading in his memory . In such facilities will host up to 480 people from the hostel, the nursing home and the nursery.

As for nurseries Amancio Ortega Galicia Foundation seeks to promote public places more than 750 start-ups for which earmarked 11 million euros. "Finance the construction of nine schools in the Public Network of Galicia Children Schools for children 0 to 3 years, in different towns in Galicia", "a 5% increase in the number of public places in Galicia for the age group of 0-3 years ", as reported in its web-to-day March 26, 2012 .

On the occasion of the new premises of the headquarters Proxecto Home Galicia in Santiago de Compostela, funding that supports the foundation with 7 million euros, will serve over 180 people per day, as reported in his memory .

Furthermore, Amancio Ortega Foundation promotes three education-related projects as well as a training project in Tanzania with Agronomists Without Borders in order to "facilitate new agricultural techniques to strengthen the sustainability of families", they say in their memory .

Amancio Ortega Foundation has been active since 2001, 11 years that such actions have been consistent despite the apparent surprise that many have lived these days. The third richest man in the world devotes part of his fortune (estimated at around 38,000 million euros by day August 7, 2012 according to Bloomberg) to charity projects. Philanthropy more widespread among such fortunes as you can see in anyone who is privileged in that list. That by 2012 this remains a surprise if that is a problem. The motives and conspiracies best I leave to another. Aid for now remain on the table.

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