Saturday, October 6, 2012

April, May. A firm should keep in mind that all


You know my passion for finding new bloggers and new it girls or new clothing brands. Anything that has to do with the fashion world flips me, and if he had never seen before. That's why today I present a firm that could put up to Sandro and Maje and their clothes are most divine. I'm talking about April, May. Once seen your lookbook I said one: 'Ok Charlie, we have a problem'. And I want it all.

What else do I like? That roll left ultra chic that you know is not stopped, but everything is planned to the millimeter. Yes, but these shorts we present them as Fall-Winter collection, I would put them all year.


Follow the trends to the millimeter, so I was not surprised to meet a biker vest in XXL . There are many firms that we have one like this model, and although I love (more than you think), not would take full advantage it deserves.


The metallic tones have their place. For example: this black leather miniskirt with borders in silver and gold is my cup of tea. I like the styling end, although at first glance the laundry is not sticking around. I would love to wear something.


The maroon is one of the tones of the season (and you know right?), Is why not stop designing clothes in this tone.


And finally one of my favorite clothes (and necessary) for this time of year: the jersey. Wide, big and red and orange t onos. What do you think?


Do you think like I do?

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