Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Are you celebrating a Halloween Chiara Ferragni advance? Oh no! Is your last styling disaster


I admit that although I'm a terrible rage the fabulous and exciting life of Chiara Ferragni, I acknowledge having great guy, beauty and style enough to have reached the top of where it is. But (and this 'but' what should be capitalized with a squeaky voice and shriek hysterically) about his last outfi t has been cast to pee and not drop. Or to run away and not look back. A bad day and perhaps have any so funny exploits that Halloween is just around the corner to show that she can disguise, because if not ... I can not explain.

And this morning we showed its 'stylistic skills' with this kind of crappy poly military costume. Let's see, let's face it, their style is fine if you remove the cap and aviator glasses. But is that both complements destroy the outfit, authority and respect he felt for her. Tre-men-do. Yes, the Chanel charms are ideal.


Shall I tell you something? From today I will have nightmares about this look Blue Steel more typical of Derek Zoolander ...


Just say what is missing from 'Now Hann is the most ...'

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