Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Are you ready to become the world's sexiest woman? Nero presents the collection Intimissimi

Intimissimi: Nero Collection

Seas woman, man, animal or thing guess the Intimissimi spot with the song Be Italian will not gone unnoticed before your eyes: it is wildly sexy, lingerie and want to wear that women feel more sensual in the world am I right? And if something is lingerie, lingerie especially sophisticated, it makes you start to see pretty early on.

Admittedly, you can dress like a girl but It'll be one of them if you're wearing the panties of Bridget Jones, the houses can not be built on the roof and in fashion is the same: to begin to look good at first is a good set of undergarments. So I would like to introduce the collection of Intimissimi Nero for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013, Did you think that could not be overcome? Well they have done!

Nero Nero Collection: The collection so far bolder

Nero is a capsule collection that is only available in a few select stores and through its Internet site and is possibly the most daring collection of the brand to date. It made ​​its first collection in leather and everything is black. However, away from the classic idea that usually awakens dominatrix combining this with black fabric, the idea is rather that of skin on skin for a woman who pulls no fuss.

Nero Black leather corset with zippers

The collection is composed of panties and bras, corsets, bustiers with zipper details and of course everything in leather, obviously, does not seem that this is the most comfortable underwear to wear under your everyday look of the office, this capsule collection is designed for special moments. From my point of view, radiates femininity, sexuality and has a very sophisticated touch, without falling into the classic lingerie fetish we usually associate with the leather (whips and riding crops included).

Nero Top leather topped with diamond chain.
Nero Set in leather pants and bra

The collection is available from today on the website of Intimissimi, do you dare to her?

Official site | Intimissimi
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