Friday, October 26, 2012

Asos Christmas catalog 2012: Dresses or slacks want, you will find your perfect outfit


This is not a joke: signatures and reveal their proposals for Christmas 2012 ruthlessly scheming to go our outfit during the holidays. Brilli brilli Much, much festive and stylish. All that and more can be felt in each of their garments, which by the way, I must say they are very different to each other. There are dresses, skirts and trouser suit. You only have to choose the style that goes with you, are you going to achieve?

And as we find it clone: ​​Prada and Miu Miu showed in their Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 pantsuit in outlandish prints, bold and geometric. And as expected the British firm has already been cloned and their particular version. What about the shoes? A clone of Alexander Wang.


A dress for these dates

I love the dress that Christmas day with a good short dress. I like it because it allows me to fix more than normal but not spend. That's why I (almost) always end up choosing a model LBD (Little black dress). With the flying skirt and backless, this model will probably sticks in the retina.


If you're a big fan of Greek designer Mary Katrantzou but you have a checking account generous, now you can wear your low-cost version with the signing. With a print that emulates the crown jewels, this dress with balloon skirt can be the star of your look.


And if you want to risk more and try a ladylike dress that comes to mid-calf height do with this other model. Will you dare?


We continue with fashion brilli brilli

But if you prefer brilli brilli fashion and its main material (sequins) there are to choose from. Among all the items that caught my attention was this electric blue top that sits extremely well with gold accents. What do you think?


If you prefer other fabrics or colors, you can choose another proposal based oversize short sleeve jersey a fabric skirt shiny silver tube applications. Together or separately, here comes your judgment of how to combine them.


And if you are one of those who still failed the fashion glitter perhaps this look is to your liking. Personally I think too much, but you know, likes the colors.


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