Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baggy pants and ankle ... Will You Join the fashion?


Trends are difficult to wear. You see them, but you know you like never, ever enter into your closet. And that's what happens to me today: only the most daring and stylish can make the garment in question is a real gem. I speak of the baggy pants and ankle. Yes, a risky trend that many already have dared to look.

And the truth is that this type of pants can be worn only in times of transition. Let me explain. Personally I think 'look good' if the lights without sock (obvious) is why in the month of December can not go with your feet in the air. Thing that limits us a lot when using them.

But still, throw models and firms increasingly are the models we found. In Mango and Zara (respectively) models dare prints and the garment is even more risky.


Do you think ultimately triumph?

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