Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bershka lookbook October 2012: day warm clothes, night contrast to power


It seemed impossible, but true: talking about talking Bershka style is the best price. Yes, yes, style and good taste. And the firm has taken a 180 degree turn and has been (for the past few months) batteries. And for the month of October 2012 the firm offers us in varied colors looks totally opposite. While during the day the color palette is warm at night and darken the colors are mixed with trendy materials like sequins and rhinestones.

I recognize that I can hardly see me with a piece of shelter (either jacket or coat) in a light color, but I see it in picture and I like it. And this model is sheepskin style as casual and original.


To break the darkness that is opted for Fall Winter wool jerseys of eights in warm colors: white either broken or cream, they bring light to the outfit.


If you combine it with a piece of animal-print highlights this much and you wear it both day and night. Versatility foremost.


Although for the most classic you can always opt for the typical gauzy shirt or blouse. This specifically takes gold studs on the shoulders, what do you think the end result?


I want a biker jacket

Biker jackets, biker style, rock, perfect ... Many names but one style. Yes, these jackets are more popular than ever, and now it only means that can take the rockers or punks. All you have to choose the color. We can always decant the classic black ...


Or innovate with a metal model.


Feel like a party?

The black is the perfect shade to wear at night, but there are girls who are very turned off with it, so you can mix it with metallic shades.


Although for this metallic gold dress asymmetrical. The festive air gives the thousands of sequins that form the garment, what do you think?


Do you stay more eager leopard? This gauzy blouse fills you perhaps a bit (more).


And finally, the jewel in the crown: a tight minidress playing with transparencies and XL is packed with colorful stones.


What do you think this new release?

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