Thursday, October 4, 2012

Between weddings, births and much gossip

Arguably, this has been a busy week in the world of movidita cuore. We had been everything under the sun. But above all, we have had many celebrities giving us news of all kinds, from Anne Hathaway's wedding all that you can see below in this new summary of the best of Poprosa.

Mini-celebrities in sight!


The news related to the mini-celebrities are not waiting. So we ...

Among lovebirds horse race


How we like David Bustamante and Paula Echevarria, even doing a little clown . But there is more ...

A little little music, please


We start with news bailongos music, beginning with Adele at which we had wanted to hear something new, even for the soundtrack of the new Bond flick KJames .

Curious things, not missing!

Eva Sannum
Do you remember Eva Sannum? Well we do, and we did a repasito to what happened to her ...

And here the new look at the best of Poprosa, the next day the good gossip.

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