Monday, October 1, 2012

Big bloggers are also wrong ... (A lot!)


They say that whoever has the wrong mouth and that perfection does not exist. And I could not agree more with these statements: always praise the style of some bloggers and we believe they are perfection in person, but today we are going to prove that it is not. And there are days for all, and although I have style rooted in the skin, sometimes it seems that this has been in bed sleeping ... Horror!

and started with Chiara Ferrani that seems never tripped. Yes, yes encountered and this week has shown us in Instagram. The most followed classic girl wanted to go these days of modern ... Like that. Beanie touched Kenzo sweatshirt, baseball jacket, miniskirt and loot. And I can only say olé you.


The girl is very cute and Atlantic Pacific divine ... Mostly. And there are times that things, even though no stick or anytime with wood glue. So when I saw the look a ladylike dress with Hunter wellies I thought: 'Ok, are the same color as the dress but not feel good in the style'. And is that the rainy days are made ​​for more casual dress, do not you think?


Socks + skirt = Horror!

There's something I can not stand (I and many people) and are white socks. But if we add short dress red shoes and the sum is disastrous. I was amazed to see that Gary Pepper styling. Dear what went through your head?


And although at first glance the Gala Gonzalez look it may seem divine death, we must sharpen our eyes and look at the feet. Oh no ... what do those socks wrinkled glass half? No, just do not make sense and do ruin a fantastic outfit.


You see, these girls are human and sometimes make mistakes.

Photos | Gary Pepper , The Blonde Salad Instagram, Amlul , Atlantic Pacific
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