Monday, October 8, 2012

Bimba & Lola collection Winter 2012/2013: think of a color and see reflected in some of his clothes


In June my partner Colino gave us a preview of what was to be the Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 of Bimba & Lola , and today we can show you the rest. The most remarkable thing about it is, a large part of what it is, this year you will find the key that you like it reflected in some of his looks.

Red, green, blue, black, prints ... Everything has a place in it! Have you thought of what tone you want to dress?

Reddish, maroon and orange

We have said many times: the reddish / maroon worn. It is one of the trends of the moment and on the street is one of the favorite tones when dressing .


And cla firm knows well that presents innumerable clothes in these colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style and your way of life. Pants, blazers, shirts, dresses and accessories, which one do you prefer?


Think Green

Emerald green, turquoise or green grass. It is green and many people go crazy this hue. That's why you can now find in his collection a special section where these tones are the protagonists. Printed or plain, see how good they feel to your everyday life.


Dark blue, dark blue, blue

The electric blue tone is another very fashionable nowadays. Mixed with black or gray we achieve a perfect effect. And while we always said the blue night could not combine with other dark colors, today we see that this is an urban legend ... false.


Watch estampes not!

The prints always have a special section in the collections of Bimba & Lola. Is the desire? The floral print: liberty or XXL , Although it continues to thrive as the years pass.


But, like last year, we continue to see (although a short scale) as the houndstooth pattern is re-cast in our closet. I love them! And this time have decided to introduce a color in the black and white pair.


And how could it be otherwise pictures. I have already talked about them a while ago, but I can not help it, I see the clothes emblazoned with these and I wonder what I will that all already in my closet?.


Brown and military air

When I think I automatically fall brown crosses the mind. Do you feel the same? Yes, for me this time of year is associated with this key and here we see it reflected.


But this year (more than ever) khaki tones are trendy with its military air, so when I see these outfits I have of course I want to look like the model.


I see it all black

The black is always fashionable is a classic color that sometimes boring, but you know you'll never be taking it wrong. You can save a lot of trouble, that is why it is recommended to have several items in the closet in this key.


Dare with some color

Am one who believes in Autumn-Winter no room for flashy colors, but seeing these dresses in pink strawberry tell me: why think this bullshit? These looks are great for welcoming the bitter cold, and from here I encourage you not to do like me and you feel encouraged to try new shades.


What do you think the new proposals?

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