Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bloggers big, big beauty! The street estilazo not depend on the size


I like to talk about power blogger and advise you when it comes to those who are asking for styling advice if you are petite, thin, high ... every woman is different and fashion is made for all.
Many women in their looks estilazo show street and are far from a size 38, 40 or 42. They are called large size and also the most glam. Want to know the clothes and essential advice for them?

No style is vetoed whatever your size. From the dancer Audrey Hepburn up as the image. The keys to consider are: careful tulle, it's not too pompous or raise your hips. And as the blogger makes, uses a high bun, refined styling and your neck.


Great style does not depend on size or apreturas. When it comes to day-to-day eclectic garment for halftime is a good raincoat. Better be smooth and basic tones, the'll combine all your clothes. Join her in brightly colored part of your body you want enhance neutral and you want to hide.

Beware of the horizontal stripes, has always been said that broaden though we see images like these do not. The important thing is that there are very wide and better in an outer garment in a top or pants.


Play contrast and no fear. Fresh Gabi does to perfection combining a tulle skirt with a denim and hair cmisa informal. Who said no flat ballerinas look more stable? She looks great and heels would not this look even better than 10. The question is how to choose and combine them, always with skirts below the knee and better than midi, or long to the ankle or below the knee.


Girl with curves using the maximum I have mentioned before: bold colors that stand out if you're not afraid to show off your hips and your torso or basic in that you want to hide. Orange is full trend, please copy the look.


A fashionista does not depend on your size. The tropical prints are not banned even in midwinter. Combine them with chocolate or purple tones as not to forget the gray and blue klein.


Another myth I like fashion stylist demystify comp. The high waists are complicated yes but who can say for this look? Never forget this maxim: curves, the extra kilos are happy with them or not, they are favored by the technique of "I hide, I cover." Loose clothing, long, non-marking, not the best idea though we believe so. If this post only so we are clear, it will be a great triumph.

Photos | Sacks in the city , Gabi Fresh

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