Monday, October 8, 2012

Can you be more perfect than Taylor Swift?


Taylor Swift increasingly reminds me more of the golden age of Carolyne Bessette. Perhaps the fact that dating a Kennedy, that being so young and resembles the amazing John John, is the reason but their looks are so perfect and simple pair close to perfection that she touched.


It has been seen in London these days and its styling is so great, as only simplicity can be great, unpretentious, and trends leftover gogó or ornamentation. Remember both Jackie ...

If she were alive today and had 20 years certainly would look this mixture between gray pleated skirt, a little nun with a citrus orange sweater and kitten heels that Jackie wore both.


And when the cold gets worse the closing of an election simply brilliant: a coat of blue cloth in contrast Kelin, with buttons and touch between military and college. Carolyne Taylor and accompanying all with a nearly transparent white cup with a contrast of red lipstick.

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