Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dare with fluorine shoes this fall?

Shoes fluorine

For the more daring, a trend this fall lingers from this summer: fluoro colors. Some firms offer us a touch of extra color to our outfits with shoes otoñolaes fluorine.

Shoes fluorine

The model of United Nude Block Pump, presented this season in yellow and red fluorine fluorine. This design is created on the basis of a block, a square structure protruding heel as if it were an abstract. The heel and the mold are combined to form a single piece.

fluorine shoes

Much more original and edgy shoe Eamz is also of United Nude. The heels are suspended under an innovative heel.


Mascaro also ventures into these tones in a shoe almost abotinado carved snakeskin heeled red orange. A combination Anun calling more attention.

Fluorine Mascaro

Pretty Ballerinas bet in your collection by Hanna model, carved snakeskin with a purple rebite. Ideal to wear with leggings or jeans cropped dark.

Pretty Ballerinas fluorine

Salons and fuchsia tip is the proposed Claments Ribeiro. A model that convinces me much less, perhaps because of the patent, as it seems a low cost design.


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