Monday, October 1, 2012

Do not fall behind, the tricks of style points for fall-winter

jessica alba

The tricks are renewed style with a speed suitable only in the fashion world, where every detail is outdated today and tomorrow. If we remember the tricks we saw in May and there are some who have triumphed with the general public (such as metallic buckle ) but others are renewed.

A doll-air

kate moss

The manga continues to vary according to the marks given and after a summer dominated in what was the fist back, now this is put aside and opt for a three-quarter sleeves, as close to the wrist. Looks only a fraction of skin. Nothing wrinkle the manga, this will go straight up there. These jackets are short you will have a second use.

Back Enrique Iglesias

alba kruger

Second trick, the opposite of previous detail as winter progresses will see what else. Do you remember those sleeves LF Enrique Iglesias back in the '90s? Well without going that far but with a sleeve into his hand and cover a bit.

The length exceeds the knee

Long Dress

The length of the dresses takes time from the knee down. And this fall and winter this will continue.

The swan fashion


The gooseneck was in exile trends for a few seasons. Not as flattering as it may seem. But she's back and some celebrities like Katie Holmes and Christina Hendricks have not missed the opportunity to join it.

Broader Coats

kyle minogue

The gateway talks to large coats and end these hit the stores. Within coats coats and wider designs are the bosses. But to bring them to last the next step is to take over the shoulders. No more.

The dear openings

openings Dress

The dresses have begun incorporating the detail side slits as "new" renew the face of basic and always encourage the purchase of new clothes. Choosing a prom dress now goes through this trick.

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