Thursday, October 25, 2012

Do you lack inspiration? This will be your source for college (or work, or shopping, or do not care!)


There are days when your head is lifted grayer than the day itself and clear itself. And everything seems wrong: you do not want to carry pants. Nor skirt. And those jeans Do not you know how to combine them. Yes, there are days when you would get back in bed but can not be. That is why you should be inspired by these girls to go to school perfect (or the office or wherever) and leave the bad feeling at home.

Combining over a lifetime, but this does not mean outdated, is the pants (ideally cigarette), shirt and sweater over. It seems all very good girl but you can bet on the shoe and give that personal touch that transforms both a look.


I love the variety of blogs today: each shows his style and although many match garments and accessories, others opt for other styles. That is, those who are more real and we serve everyday. I mean, it's fine print sequin show together (and I'm the first that shows because I like how they feel), but not for real life or everyday. Therefore I propose that of this girl not have any secret: cotton shirt, woolen cardigan, scarf, boyfriend jeans and flat shoes. Et voilà!


If you do not want to complicate her life pretend: denim shirt, shorts and black leather jacket / blazer oversize. Perfect with very little.


Who said that the plane was not wearing shoes? With a touch dandy can be ultra feminine, simple and perfect for a hard day studying.


Who do you are going to inspire?

Photos | Petra Karlsson , Oh my Vogue , Maoks , Ian Chan , The fashion through my eyes
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In Jared | Ideal, fantastic, wonderful. All this and much more in each of their outfits

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