Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Does it return the toupee? Rachel Bilson looks already

rachel bilson tupe

The pompadour was his time to go back to the top of the hairstyles over repeated not long ago. Although fashion is a season and a world, so we could say that it was outdated. What if I told you that it could return to the style of Bambino? Rachel Bilson and are encouraged to do so and know that what she does ...

In the end who create trend two or three people are faithful, though from the industry seek to create new it girls from under stones. Not so.

rachel bilson pompadour hairstyle

Rachel Bilson wears this toupee and on the street and in this session recent promotional again show us a hairstyle that looks great.

A toupee I love me, especially being tired of bangs hiding her face in her face and eyes are not so hard. We'll see if the face of the coming months it back again or not.

We bet??

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