Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does the queen of Instagram? Miroslava Duma, do you doubt it?


If Miroslava Duma opened a personal blog would probably be of the most followed. But it does not, although Nos satiates the appetite to see their daily looks through Instagram. It is in this area where this little Russian beauty has become the most sought: outfits daring, original, great, divine and registration changing every hour. Probably his attitude and style are key to this girl as high. Yes, she is the queen of Instagram, you still do not follow it? It takes.

His day-to-day snapshots

As we have said, all that unusual and excessive Miroslava attracts. But far from seeming ridiculous, has the gift of turning everything he touches into perfect outfit. I can not imagine a pantsuit tightly closed until brown collar and bowler hat on his head. But you see it and think, 'Hey girl You look great'.


Who can wear a dress with plush applications, coat and heels together with white sock? Only her, but as a few days ago we showed you the socks is most risky because you can send the most ridiculous looks . And yes, you see right, carries two bags Chanel Boy Crusaders. Because one is not enough ...


Girls Choir

But thanks to it you can meet girls with a lot of potential (though, in my opinion, none of them will get to the bottom of shoes). One of the most appears beside Perminova is Elena. A stylist and Russian model that takes charm with Miss Duma.


'Another fashion inseparable from this team? Natalie Joos, who shares moments and photographs.



And when all is put together as a show. The fashion street style that we like meeting in a single photograph, can you ask for? Each true to form, but it is present there at all times.


No doubt in supporting designers like Mary Katrantzou and is one of them. Alongside Volpicella and Eugenie Niarchos Viviana, show how well they feel the new Greek designer garments.


And already said Anna Dello Russo in his hit Fashion Shower: if you find someone dressed in a single garment , get a photo with her ​​and show the world what you are going divine. In this case the Stella McCartney dress is not exactly the same but almost ...


Will and I are following?

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