Saturday, October 27, 2012

Donna Karan Resort 2013: between heaven and hell is a step


Donna Karan has again chosen as image Karlie Kloss, body and spirit of his campaign Resort 2013. Karlie appears ethereal, surrounded by a beam of light, a little outmoded, intended to convey the spirit of a woman dressed as an angel diva pose away from the earth. A campaign that is difficult to define, or you horrified by the effects of light and backlighting or love you.


If you love red carpet gowns, Elie Saab or the gateway to the Oscars dazzle you, but has a taste of old fashioned 90's not just convinced me.

The costumes are exquisite, who catch her flight fucisa Tanks Pink or red carpet gown in satin with side tie, but his way of photographing the off, the lights and lose definition super magic of its details.


On the other side of the prism effect arguably the ethereal, celestial, angelic, perfect glare and highlights the sophistication that Donna Karan is it pretending to show the flashes of the cameras before the Golden Globes? Is it a place unearthly and you can enter only wearing it?

Gunning Why what?

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