Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dressed in Balmain or Mango, Barbara Martello mola thousand


Barbara Martello could say that Spanish is the pride that triumphs internationally fashionista. Vogue Spain's stylist, and style it's in his blood. Garment sets, clear garment glamor. Yes, she is someone with special charm that make each look unique. And many of us (I include myself among them) to see these girls think: 'Ja, if I could dress Balmain or Isabel would look like also Maranat'. Lie! And now we evidenced by Mango.

And the Spanish firm, unstoppable when it girls and bloggers to capture, does an interview and portrayed in photographs where the outfits are 100% yours ... And still like. Admittedly, it's cool galore.


So what factors matter when it comes to dress stylishly? The clothes (obviously), security in yourself (Basic), absolute simplicity and being true to oneself. With these factors we can begin to carve a future in what this girl has something special.


What do you think of her?

Photos | Mango
In Jared | Mango presents winter looks to be perfect 24 × 7, do not get mad!
In Jared | Kate Moss presents winter chic Mango's hand, who else?

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