Friday, October 5, 2012

Dresses still triumphs tube between Nicole, Leighton and Elsa

Leighton Meester Sheath

You can wear clothing as horrific as creepers, oversize garments can be as, but there will always be women who like to dress with style, and female, and if so, what is the best lady style. Neither too tight nor too casual and sexy, tube dresses come to the rescue of women who like to boast of women and become the star of the famous look.

Leighton Meester tricolor choose a dress that favors their curves. Victoria Beckham's shadow is long and that style of dress became fashionable she has become a benchmark for women of all ages.

Equally spectacular is presented Nicole Kidman, wearing a red L'Wren Scott who went to the tribute that was paid to his career at Lincoln Center in New York. Although face wax doll that has been, is beautiful with the dress.

nicole kidman red

Elsa Pataky And we left for last, a purple dress with a small peplum at the hip with the movie star?? Paris has gone to the parade of Elie Saab. the women prefer tube dresses, clearly.

Elsa Pataki elie saab

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