Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dueling "Willows" on the street? Paula Echevarría or Sara Carbonero?


They are on the street, in stores, in the mind and feet of many celebrities. You either like them or hate them but see them both, as happens with so many fashions, in the end you fall or want. Who thought at first that the Roman sandals were for her? Shortened leg and were flat and too casual ... The celebrities continue to be seen with clones of Willow and among the latter is Paula Echevarría.


Hakei in red and with a stylist as rock and roll itself of Pilar Rubio in his former days of Hamlet, Paula Echvarría is still one of the architects that they become an object of desire as do national or Miranda Kerr Chiarra Ferragni out.


Across the ring Sara Carbonero that this was the first and and shone during Euro but here in beige. Both have agreed to be a clone of Wilow (bought the original can not understand) and both agree to Hakei matter who probably are already "sold out".

Paula or Sara?? What looks better coated queen king model shoe of the season?

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