Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy Vs Difficult: what team are you? Whatever, be trendy my friend


I am the first to encourage you to try with new outfits and styles, and if you see yourself arriesguéis trained. But there are days I wake up without much inspiration and I show looks estupendísimos but with a very simple. Yes, depending on the occasion, the day and the mood we want more, or have risk of complications. Today these two teams come face to face in a duel of the thick. What team are you?

Uncomplicated but very stylish

Life without complications galore mola. It is complicated enough to add the dress. Sometimes, the key lies in the simplicity of things and a great outfit but rabidly simple is very difficult to achieve.


With a cigarette and a wool sweater can have it all, but missing those little details that do not lead to the top: bet additions or accessories. That you apart from the rest.


The denim shorts are an essential piece in our closet (or should be, because you can get more than a pinch). But if they are broken and skinned version of what once were, combine them with a simple cotton shirt. No need to go over 10.


Some salons jeans and heels can give you a chic, but if you do not want to fall into boredom advocates a different garment: a bomber is ideal applications.


A print dress can give us a simple look. How? Without complicated ins: all smooth and black color to pass unnoticed. A lime and sand: rewards all the styling.


White and black are the most classic couple but it always works. With a few simple dress pants and a cotton shirt I have (almost) everything. Yeah, bet on a necklace jewel and will raise the result to perfection.


The spark of life: the risk

They say that he who dares, wins, and it seems that this is the leitmotiv of these bloggers, it girls and fashion victims. Mix all bet on trends and surprisingly wins. Do not you think so? Check out and hallucinates (neighbor).


Mix? Different patterns can lead to glory? Yes, if you do it with style and personality. Very sure of yourself and knowing that you can be a trend.


The wool has a charm with lace and lilac with black. At least I see in Hevdig Opshaug, what do you think your mix?


Although we can change the socket by paillettes and applications, and will continue in the same line of success.


And at this point I do not want to do a review but just a point. I love the style of Fashionvibe Zina, but I was surprised last entry. And no, not because it goes wrong, on the contrary, is great! But (there's always a but) is exactly like the girl Zara lookbook September 2012. A lack of inspiration? Where is your personal style that characterizes both? Let the imagination flow!


What team are you?

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