Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion blogs and 120: the success of the bracelets "kimonas"


What are kimonas? Bracelets are fashionable this fall and winter. Silvia Garcia is the creator of these beautiful bracelets, to which I plead addicted, finite design, comfortable because you can put your own and with details that make the latest trends.


The Fall Winter collection combines silk and velvet ribbons, elastic always with classic and authentic Swarovki crystals in a thousand colors.

It all started when I designed manually agendas. I was always very hands ... I had lots of things in my house as ribbons, fabric, beads, and matching each other, with no apparent end, I put on a few Swarovski tapes and ... the first Kymona born.


This season incopora about ideal models to the very latest fashion with gold and silver studs. What is the success of these bracelets? They are adjustable and combine perfectly for the day and evening, and best of all, inexpensive. I recommend showing them off next to the clock, are ideal.


For the more daring designs stand out a bit fatter with camouflage print.

The price is about 8 to 12 euros, but it depends if shopping at a department store or online in packs, the latter option is cheaper.


SIEDO What started as a hobby has become a business. In Spain you can find in the English Court. Successful bracelets also reach the international market in countries like Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Colombia and Chile.

Specifically, in Madrid, is responsible for commercializing Monica Garcia. Introduce She took care of in the English Court and in numerous outlets in Madrid. Even the idea to give them to press on product launches. In his blog Behance can place orders and view designs as they are launching.

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