Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fashion on the street: Rock & Roll Queen


This continues up winter leather with a large number of garments. Filling street jackets, especially, and also shorts, dresses and skirts. The rocker look can be seen in this new installment of Fashion in the street where we give the play button and put our own soundtrack to the theme of The Subways post's title.

In this video:

Military Camouflage


I'm no fan of camouflage clothing, indeed, it is one of the last things I always recommend, but there it is, especially in pants and parkas. Mirte Van der Weij joins fashion found in Zara, among other shops, and makes with the detail booties to wear pants inside.


Betty prefers to remain faithful to Urban Outfitters, perfect signature for these ideas, a close look at this subject but adding a more feminine sweater like this one from Markus Lupfer. I'm staying with their Church's brogues.

Male character

natalie natalie

Faced with the good girl, the factory princesses Zooey Deschanel: a woman more masculine as proposed by Natalie K in this look which dominates Romwe with vest and shirt, and sunglasses you circulate next to bag Reserved comprehensive and H% M boots and jeans by River Island.

Modernity rock


With so many colors better off a bombshell like Christina Caradona becoming once again the perfect modern city . These sweatshirts that we could see on the runway and no one was betting on them ... so here they are. This time of Dimepiece combined with Brandy Melville skirt.

Suck it because


This season sees again leather jackets all tastes. One of the best buys that last year and the more you wear look better. Estefanía Ainoza Zara chooses a padded shoulders fresh off the bike.


Mariana Soares Branco also choose the brand of Inditex but this time the model adds to the thousand zippers and flaps in peak shape. Successful mixing detail superimposing layers of clothes along with other less high.


With that perpetually Isabel Marant , Roos Van Dorsten are encouraged to defend the burgundy ground color for a rocker look current.

A female rock


Although this style may be more related to a more masculine style, there are ways to combine to make it more feminine. As Nicoletta Reggio ago. Simple: the trick is in the Su-Shi bag full breaking. Besides using the accessories with multiple bracelets.


Sietske L does not fail to include a generous jersey in white letters with a cigarette Choies worn and some booties, also Choies which includes many tacks .

Creating fashion


What if someone wants to go ahead, instead of playing to the stereotypes of rock can be reformulated as the Hip Hop Natasha Ndlovu done perfectly. I would not have imagined the Urban Outfitters sweatshirt with Run DMC converted into a garment suitable for partying.

In case anyone does not know Run DMC Here a hymn. They also changed the rock and hip hop.

Photos | Independent Monkey , Natalie K , Mirte , Natasha , Sietske , Betty , Christina , Mariana , Roos van , Estefania , Kasia Gorol , Nicoletta Reggio
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