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Fifth day of the Paris Fashion Week: on most irreverent

Jean Paul Gaultier Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris is undoubtedly the WEEK OF THE FASHION With capital letters. There is no other city that believed so much anticipation, and bringing together many top designers. When I took the first look at the calendar of Fashion Week in Paris, the fifth day was the one that caught my attention for having some of the designers more bland, if something is Paris is that is able to combine the most classic couture with the Ready-to-wear more innovative: Haider Ackermann, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cacharel or Loewe gathered on Saturday in the French capital. Come with me and I will show you how the day was more irreverent of Paris.

Junya Watanabe, not without my sneakers

Junya Junya Watanabe

As I advance, variety is the spice and the first parade of the day in Paris will delight those girls in your school playground wanted to be the Sporty Spice because Junya Watanabe presents a sporty look, colorful, futuristic and why not say it's impossible. The looks were accompanied by Puma sneakers, a perfect look to go to rave.

Haider Ackermann, the male is sexy

Haider Haider Ackermann

I admit, I'm partial to Haider Ackermann and generally for any designer educated in Belgium (which will land that gives such good designers?). Garments with great masculinity in black, gray and white, depicting a woman not being male stops being sexy. Geometric details and moles, blazers and trousers but also sheer dresses for evening. Ackermann's collection, sober and elegant, showed again that in fashion less is still more.

Viktor & Rolf, with an eye to the past

Viktor & Rolf Viktor & Rolf

Dutch designers presented a collection inspired by the old female Hollywood stars like Joan Crawford and Lauren Bacall, predominantly skirts and pleated tulle gowns in black and white, or pink and purple pastels and metallic fabrics use everywhere (something that fails to convince). Dresses or skirts had huge bows or ruffles as final detail.

Cacharel Spring exponent

Cacharel Cacharel

Okay, it's true, is not risky to present flowers in spring (already said Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada leaving one of his employees on the verge of tears), but not so much the what but the how. Cacharel collection is feminine to a fault, flowers and sheer dresses, long skirts and flared like blue tones fused with acid orange. Could be described as the sweetest collection of this day. And is that sometimes you do not need to risk to win.

Vivienne Westwood, unclassifiable

Vivienne Vivienne Westwoob

The madness came from the hand of Vivienne Westwood with a collection that looked more like a protest his active fight against climate change. The models presented seemed to have no rhyme or reason, a heterogeneous collection that, against all odds, in the end could have some sort of sense. Details ethnic, tribal, crowns, gowns. A visual madness, for my taste unwise.

Jean Paul Gaultier, a tribute to the stars of the 80

Jean Paul Gaultier Jean Paul Gaultier

Madonna, David Bowie and Michael Jackson are some of the inspirations for this eccentric collection of Jean Paul Gaultier who decides to honor the music stars of the 80s. A collection seemed more fun than a game of "Guess Who" than a parade. The caricatures of pop stars walked down the catwalk "jeanpaulizados". Predominated in black suits masculine cut jacket to the explosion in electric blue and pink. A collection to not leave you indifferent.

Loewe, the Spanish touch

Loewe Loewe

Nothing new under the sun, as they say. Commitment Stuart Vevers classic line that has characterized the Spanish firm: skin very elaborate and simple designs, sets of body and pencil skirt or dressed in the same court, perhaps the most innovative hoods were introduced in one of the dresses. How not, the Spanish firm also chooses the color of the season: orange.

In short, this fifth day castizo closed leaving the taste of one of our most international firms, true to form and without a great deal of imagination and innovation ... but what gives us most? That already had enough doses throughout the day, is not it?

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