Friday, October 26, 2012

Gala Gonzalez x Mango Touch: pleasant surprise though mine meets the eye occasional clone


A few weeks ago we gave you the news of a new partnership between signature and blogger , this time starring Gala Gonzalez and Mango Touch. Be responsible for presenting a collection of footwear, bags and accessories divided into three main groups: ethnic jewelry air, velvet and gold embroidery, and playing with transparencies. And today we have a much better result than I thought.

Not that I do not think that Galicia has no potential to design something, but sometimes we sell an idea with fanfare and ends up being nothing. But this time we're not trying to sell smoke, but so far I have not seen or know parts prices (my opinion may vary according to them).

Dressed from head to toe

Many did reference the intrusion. He launched a plea to her (I think I am in a more or less neutral term) studied fashion design at Central St Martin's University and graduated in Fashion Design Technology at the London College of Fashion ( UAL ), Or so they say on the official website of Mango Touch .


Although I like what I see, I can not stop seeing the famous Charlotte Olympia heels, do you feel the same? Moreover, Zara has already launched the same model without embroidery.

With the bag hanging

Two small bags of long handles for hanging on our shoulders are what form this capsule collection. One in total black with embroidery of the same color, the other advantage of today's trends and comes in oxblood.


The latter (I think I'm delirious) reminds you not a model of Christian Louboutin? Personally I think it gives it a Sweet Charity to the model, but today everything seems to everything.


The Crown Jewels

The jewelry section is what I liked: a necklace, a tiara, bracelet and a ring. While I do not use anything that I have named, I like air shows each model ethnic.


The collection will go on sale in less than two weeks, on November 8, and you can purchase either online or at a store specializing in Mango Touch. For now, we must settle for the full teaser collection.

What do you think of the end result?

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