Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get it right and how to err on (the new) Pilar Rubio


There seems to be a new stage Pilar Rubio. Which has reoccupied coated the covers of their affairs has changed football and rock balloon. Before his style, because he had style, was a groupie of a heavy group, but the most beautiful of them. Or a star of the 90's metal but living in the new century. I did not like, but it had style, your style. Love says he can do everything and changes everything have you managed to change his tastes?


I begin with the look that has looked at the opening of the Festival of Barrio del Pilar. Who better than her and what better neighborhood than in the day of Pilar Pilar?. Fortunately stopped being herself for a while and looked right with leather jacket and pencil skirt set and print blouse.


Another sing and never better, are the rest of the styles with which it has been hunted recently. Starting with the sergeant's legs infarction, lounges barateros (or so it seems to me) and everlasting leather jacket ...


Caught And through my past as Hamlet. What fails him this look? In my opinion a whiff too heavy for the 90 of Europe or Def Lepard. She would be better placed in one of his videos that cruising around in full 2012. What is right? On being herself, being true to their tastes and have style, theirs, not dictated by us or anyone like us.

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