Monday, October 29, 2012

Go simple and chic is a very complicated


No, even though you insist is not as easy as you think: the go simple and chic is ropey noses and if not try at home and see that it is true what I say. That's why every time I see a girl dress in these two premises envy gnawing through the veins and think: 'ha! She also has done, would you do me one day?'. And I am slowly practicing to be a plus on your computer. Want to be part of the stylish with very little? List the key!

And just like that you realize that you can. To begin choose very simple and basic trends as choosing a trendy color or fabric. Example? The tweed jacket, which is perfect for those days where temperatures have dropped. And combine it with other items just as simple to give all the attention: black salons, skinny jeans and ... Nothing more.


In search of the perfect trend

Find the trend that most closely matches your style is difficult, it may seem that the sweatshirts can give a touch cool, elegant and basic. Yes, they can be the stars of your outfit without having to resort to anything else. And that's cool.


What to do with a gray sweatshirt and a pleated skirt? Combine them and see how your creation could scratch perfection. Yes! I love this look because it is risky and yet simple. Something that not everyone can achieve.


And if you are of this Autumn-Winter is dying shiny leggings type vinyl or leather boots combine them with the same color as the shirt and jacket commitment. Besides going comfortable go divine death.


Are you going to implement any of these looks?

Photos | Adenorah , Alice Point , Fake leather , My Daily Style , Fash-n-chips
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