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Gucci dresses the famous gala party at the 2012 LACMA Art + Film

Rosie Huntington

Gucci knows where to place his mark. Which events be for good by joining the famous image of fashion. He repeated success of the gala occasion LACMA 2012 Art + Film. A new support to the film in the second annual event on a carpet which dominated the party along with a few exceptions who preferred to skip the "rules".

Taste for Green

Rosie Huntington

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was not one of them. The English model opted for a straight gown Gucci summer 2013 , with a halter neckline adding a side opening to give a sensual touch in this pastel green where the best detail was on the wheel of the neck down her back.


Nothing to do with the choice of Rosanna Arquette with this satin gown that did him no favor.


Amber Valletta opted for a long dress, preferring collection this winter 2013 Gucci . A long dress with ruffles that I do not like anything.

Formality in black


With Gucci as a sponsor was not expected to have much surprise at the party. Rather dominated the formality of the party. Minka Kelly opted for an empire waist gown with halter neckline.


Do not know who will be recommended to Salma Hayek wear that hairstyle and such lips. Not good going. Yet she knows very well take advantage of the well-known figure in the hourglass, boosted her bust and waist leaving as wasp without being such.


Comparad makeup and hair styles. A different style of beauty Karlie Kloss still doing nothing certainly looks better than anyone. If even this felt good velvet gown with a shirred strapless neckline unattractive. Well the touch of long thin necklace.


The actress and model China Chow risked more with the openings and the mix of black and white. It felt great. And mostly achieved its goal of drawing attention above the rest.

He spent the summer, yellow in the bedroom


Although there were some who chose looks from the summer collection 2013 Gucci presented recently there were more. Amy Adams chose a Greek classic cut dress with strapless and a jeweled belt included.


Close to lime green also saw Natalie Gal with a draped gown.


Florence Welch preferred a long mauve dress with transparent sleeves with a plunging neckline and a generous jewel closure at the waist.


Meanwhile, Anna Wintour opted for the long below the knee with a dress almost ankles in a full skirt and a burgundy flowers that sat very well.

Pant has your site


Not much, but it does. In this type of holiday dresses usually dominate longer and lush. When this is not synonymous with success ... Best personal style like Jane Fonda reminded me century male costumes XVI . A choice of Gucci winter 2012.


I also loved Jennifer Morrison who tends to like in his public appearances. For the occasion chose a monkey fashion pants and a set of false transparencies that generates attractive visual effect.

Goodbye long dress code


Contrast between the dresses with longer tail and everything and this Gucci mini Cameron Diaz worn with wide sleeves and a belt which diminishes the festive touch and reminds me more of a raincoat and a street look. I did not like.


To go with a better length dress Bella Heathcote who is trying to position itself as " stylish actress "as we speak for months.


Gucci Excess paid. That neck of applications that look like something out of a maritime museum is too much for Kerry Washington .


Although in terms of party sequins Evan Rachel Wood does manage to defend the excesses in gold .


The baroque taste stayed in Amber Heard's cleavage.


As usual feathers Gucci went to Ginnifer Goodwin with this set of winter 2013. With a length below the knee was not exceeded and beautiful.

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