Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How did you see the pair of (hyper) fashion? Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield


I love them, especially him. Some guys have gangly, skinny and sad-faced and off for a meaningless life that fascinates me. But he already has his heart occupied by his perfect opposite Emma Stone smiling vitaminized when walking seems that her hair bright sun shining rocks. I envy both Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.


I can not be objective, I love what bearing wear. His style reminds me of the grunge, especially him, 90 of those plaid shirts and jeans he gnawed Could not pass guitarist of a group of Seattle?


They have casual when serlos and perfect when light bulbs. I like his carefree style, because it is extremely worried that carefree who has spent three hours in front of the mirror to tousle his hair and shirt wrong place.


He reminds me of another of my favorite guys in Hollywood, in style and know that no more, Jake Gyllenhaal (another looking lost) and succeed the first and only long in my top of the irada lost knights, John Cusack.

See you smile and wear a slim suit in permieres and posh events is all a joy to behold. She must say little more than just delicious.

Photos | Gtres
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