Thursday, October 25, 2012

How do we name the clone of a clone? White has no mercy with the Willow-Zara


Wow. What a coincidence? that of white wedge shoes. is that when you see the result you will understand all are igualitas the Zara model which in turn cloned Isabel Marant. So how should we call this clone? Does the clone clones?

Zara's inspiration came out in September was black, lace, suede mixed with skin and had a great central strip with gold studs. The clone of White is black, lace, suede mix with skin and has a large central strip with gold studs. Yes, we've read it wrong or I was wrong in describing both shoes: the review is the same.


Now, which one do you prefer? Does the clone or the clone of the clone?

In Jared | Finally! Willow (Isabel Marant) I present to your best clone (of Zara TRF )
In Jared | The Willow-Zara already here. At last!

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