Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to be yourself (and hit) when you worship trends?


Follow the fashion trends requires a style manual of what to do and especially what not to do. Sometimes the limit along so that the result is grotesque and very ornate . Falling into this is very easy and especially in this era of baroque fashion and recharged, which plays in times of crisis. The bloggers give us some lessons that do and do not ...

No advance, no delayed

And we talk about age. Certain trends, such as pipi calcetinitos infarction or shorts may like it a lot but after a certain age is not and should not be touched. Maison de la mode trends carries well for their age, 16 years, beyond that, it would be ridiculous.

With moderation


What do we like? What is our style? What feels good? These questions should always be answered before putting up a trend. In this case Maison brings his own field oxblood red trend, which a priori might seem more classic. Just add your own touches: if surfing tips and tie back.

Simple and beautiful


There is always recharged best is not true that the best outfits always seem the easiest? A simple detail that will give us the key: reverses a trend in accessories and combine them with your garments always, your everlasting Levis or your beloved white shirt.

Risk to one


Just a garment, top or bottom, or complement your hairstyle. Risks but with restraint, the result will never be excessive.

Photos | Maison de mode , Anoushka , Anyway its fashion

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