Monday, October 15, 2012

Ideal, fantastic, wonderful. All this and much more in each of their outfits


There are adjectives that mean the same thing in the end. But still join together to express our feelings to see under what outfits. And the same happened to me this morning to whet your blogs and meet these outfits: very different but equally fantastic and great. And it is taking them gracefully and safely, any style favors.

No matter if it's ladylike or destroyer, all are at the same height estilazo. There are days when one feels a strong desire to manage others, or wanting to wear a skirt or pants. Is it about the mood, but we must not let good taste in bed sleeping. No! That never, so I try to show every week looks all kinds.


Mixtures of me are cool prints galore (yes!) and a clear example is the protagonist brings us Smille Columbine this week in your page: dark colors in a striped outfit where British marines and take pictures like a charm.


And although many ye tired of Chiara Ferragni this look you should teach him: Isabel Marant pants are? No! (I think I'll mourn with emotion). They are a low-cost firm which will make me to buy them already. Bravo!


What look do you stay?

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