Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Photoshop? Anna dello Russo new campaign x H & M? What's that?


Tomorrow is the big day. And it goes on sale the new capsule collection for H & M designed and starring Anna dello Russo eccentric. And we can not deny one thing: this collection bears his image printed on each presenting accessories. And his campaign is very ... it. But also one thing clear: they have gone hand in hand with Photoshop. Is it me or that face is retouched?


Accessories star are those that combine turquoise with gold are inspired by a dresser that Anna is at home and who adores her. Therefore designed a couple of suitcases: to take it everywhere with her.


Gold and bling bling is another feature of this capsule collection. Golden Boots, sandals with rhinestones, pending his initial ... Will you stay with something from it?


Even if there's anything we've seen from her friends are famous sunglasses with bright golden crocodiles. She looks at the clock, will you too?


Will you be of that tomorrow morning will be lining up?

Official Site | H & M
In Jared | Pending sale, now we can see some more of Anna Dello Russo x H & M
In Jared | Anna Dello Russo for H & M, the entire collection and baroque excess prices fall

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