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Interview with Painted Miryam and Alicia Hernandez: they are the creators of Dolores Promises

Miryam Pintado (left) and Alicia Hernandez (right)

Dolores Promises, with its particular style while flirty vintage, does not exist as such. Not one person, is a virtual character, a signature. Behind the Painted signs are Miryam and Alicia Hernandez, they are the real designers of the brand, which was created in 2006 with the idea of becoming an essential byline but able to reach us all. And no doubt, they have succeeded. Alicia Miryam and grant us this interview to tell all the secrets of Dolores Promises. Want to know them?

The first thing we wonder why all the name of Dolores Promises?

The name, Dolores, is a summary of his life, for all you suffered in the past. And it promises Promises fall in love again, be happy again and the only run your mascara tears are of joy. The name, the brand, is very Spanish.

How you started in this?

Both worked for years in fashion communication, since we have a press office: The Gallery Room. Along with our third partner in the project of Dolores Promises (Javier Lapeña), we realized that the market had an empty sector that consumers demanded: a different and innovative brand, a brand for a public author but "real" , to offer some added value. That is, in addition to a quality product, we wanted to offer something more, I was having something to say and pass through the firm. Thus was born Dolores Promises and this is his story, the real driving force of the brand and source of inspiration for all collections.

Do Pepa name, Tula and Trini where they come?

They are components of the history and life of Dolores Promises. Pepa is your best friend, the help and support at all times and getting that Dolores is visiting Madrid and realize their dream: "Having your own clothing." Tula is his dog, the only thing that saved their marriage, and Trini is the queen of her friend Pepa. The names of the characters are very Spanish, as the brand. From the outset we wanted to be a brand made ​​in Spain and therefore seek typical names here, they were very recognizable.

The messages on the shirts of Dolores Promises are a way to convey the values ​​that the brand has.

Your collections are always the same style: cute and colorful, full of energy. Your identity is unmistakable stamp in what you draw your inspiration for the design?

We are glad to hear that, because our goal has always been to create a brand identity that was based on the character's history and Dolores Promises to transmit positive values. Why has so much energy! Inspiration always comes from Dolores Universe that fortunately ever going to be a little older. We are not a brand that follow trends as such, but of course, we consider what happens in the world and also in fashion, yes, always adapted to give a touch Dolores. Dolores Promises account in its history as it marked the notions of his grandparents as a child and all those memories are always present in the collections. Your flirtatious side, that of lace, ribbons and details, comes from there. The most romantic is because French inspiration that gives his mother, but it is true that Dolores is much more, because it also has its male, its part dreamer, traveler Meanwhile, his love of decoration ... in the end it comes to convey a lifestyle.

What is the profile of a woman Dolores Promises?

It's a real woman, a fighter, which likes to look pretty, you feel happy when opens a dress, but also concerned that the world and its environment, which likes to travel, a positive woman, who combines their work with their family life. In short, any woman who when reading the story of Dolores Promises can identify with her on something.

Dolores Promises Fall-Winter 2012/2013

It's amazing the feeling of seeing your own design in a magazine, with a famous face or a red carpet

The collection of this winter is much more risky and covers all styles. Tell me about it.

The truth is that the collection this Fall-Winter is perhaps the most enthusiastic we've done. Not only because of the variety of products that are in the collection, but also by the colorful prints and fabrics. Here we wanted to highlight three styles of women, offering different combinations of clothes, to get those three different types of looks. From a more masculine style, going through one super trendy, to reach the most romantic, so characteristic of the brand. The collection is extremely versatile, all garments can be mixed to create outfits suited to every taste. We used fine fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk or leather to make clothing fit silhouette naturally and feel good.

Your shirt is one of your biggest hits how did you come up with original designs sentences?

The messages on the shirts of Dolores Promises are a way to convey the values ​​that the brand has. The sentences short, original and fun way, posts of signature: WANT BACK A ENAMORME "," CAN PROMISE And PROMISE THAT NO BE MORE DOLORES IN MY LIFE "," OR A TEAR MORE BY IT "," NO PENA , Penita , PENALTY "," PROMISE BE GOOD "... If you notice, all convey positive values. Anyone can relate to these messages, because who has not suffered the heartbreak? Ultimately, the important thing is to convey that, though we live a bad time, it's a fad. Life has many good things to us and if your attitude is to search, eventually reaching sure. This is, in short, the philosophy of Dolores Promises.

The stores are decorated as if it is the living room of a house are very cozy is that what you claim, do you feel at home to clients?

The stores are the best way to convey the "Universe of Dolores", so they are kept to detail. The idea is that when you get to enjoy every corner, every space, every moment. They are fully customized and each has a special charm. In addition to the space itself, the great team of professionals working there makes you feel at home, in the house of pain!

The famous choose Dolores Promises

Many familiar faces as Paula Echevarría, Laura Sanchez, Toni Acosta, Iker Casillas, Veronica Sanchez, Sara Carbonero, Cristina Brondo, Monica Estarreado and many more, choose the firm for its day to day and for parties.

When you see a famous face one of your designs look what's it like? Is it a dream come true?

Sure! It's amazing the feeling of seeing your own design in a magazine, with a famous face or a red carpet, but just as fabulous when you cross the street with someone you do not know and take your clothes!

Dolores Promises-Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas much trust in you when you released the male line, what helped you somehow throw?

Of course, it all helps. Iker is a great professional and a better person, and that helps bring the brand to make it more known. From the beginning it has been many people who have supported us and continues to do, so Dolores Promises considers them all "friends".

Future projects

Dolores Promises supplements

Also you have dared to accessories and shoes, how did you decide?

We've always wanted to Dolores Promises could offer a total look. And little by little, they are expanding the collections with the world of accessories, we love! It was not easy, because we manufacture everything in Spain and have always wanted to do everything that Dolores had his touch. The truth is that we are very happy with the result, the accessories are a must to get a good outfit!

As large firms have taken plus-size lines? Ye have planned a special line?

For now, it is not something we have planned right away, because the development of these special collections, as happens with the baby and child requires a special structure to make them. In any case, we are a young brand, with little travel, and do not close the door to anything.

Your expansion is unstoppable? Spain abroad for a while?

It's our next step. Like I said before, we are still young as far as regards market path, but it is something we are evaluating.

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