Monday, October 29, 2012

Is there a Latin style?

Latino Fashion

In the post about American streetstyle , we wanted more Ibelis Karina looks Latino, because of course there is a lot of talent to show and many ideas to take to flight. But with the times of internet, allowing you to cross the pond to hit click and soak trends overseas in a few minutes, I realized that you can not define a unique Latin style brings together so many women and many countries.

I think Latin girls and I imagine them all as Sofia Vergara, curvy, brunette, racial, colorful dresses, clothes to mark the figure. But you'll see that there are many Latinas (thankfully) and the style is not so easy to define. Overall we seem ever more one to another, and locally we have increasingly less to do with each other.


Leticia Oliveira I loved all the color of their looks, for its original combinations and because despite being small in stature, looking for clothes and heels that add inches to visually look taller.

leticia oliveira

Also from Brazil enjoyed Decoresaltoalto looks. She wants to highlight her legs, the most striking part of his anatomy and does it with shorts, miniskirts and heels infarction.



From Chile we get looks Spino, showing that the curves are not at odds with Latin style and follow the latest fashion trends. What is clear is that the Zara empire invades also the other side of the Atlantic as strongly as here.

Fashion chile


Argentina is a country that likes fashion, with looks and daring people AndieUL offenders represent this image of a modern and fun.

andie UL


We traveled to Colombia to find OhhStyle hippie looks. I love that white dress and red hair contrasted with her even more.



Mexico is a great country full of great fashionistas. Looks simple but with something that makes them special, those are my favorites. Digging on the web, I really liked the style of Makeupalamoda.

make up to fashion

SL Genie, I love that scruffy chic in Paris, in Spain or across the world.

genie sl

The glamor of Fashion Gaby capital.

gaby Fashion Capital

And the pert Airin's Klozet.

airins Klozet

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