Monday, October 8, 2012

Jessica Biel's rocker girl street and Gucci party

jessica biel

Jessica Biel is usually one of the celebrities whose style does not usually fail. Of the "preferred" my companion Fellow fashion. Sure to be pleased when you see these new looks at the actress and partner Justin Timberlake is right to spend two rocker-style street looks.

jessica biel

Jessica Biel did not read and clear misses the rockers looks fashion street so then fails. If you hear any evil laugh is the Fellowship, quiet. Two different outfits that will not stick to the actress, more formal dress when street without major innovations.

The set of studded red sucks, matching pants and blouse with applications worthy of Pilar Rubio. And is saying.

jessica biel

This full black ensemble improves the bottom without hitting at all because the leather jacket will go great and not known fill. As radiance achieved in some prom dresses more casual option was not hers.

jessica biel

Of course then choose a Gucci dress and it is again the usual Jessica Biel. I liked the extreme tip shoes Louis Vuitton golden.

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