Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kate Moss presents winter chic Mango's hand, who else?


Speaking of Mango's talk about Kate Moss. And vice versa. This couple has created a tandem difficult to separate the truth is that fabulously interpenetrate. Whenever the Catalan firm launches new lookbook Chiribitos my eyes do. And the considerable fall in prices of the firm makes its clothes are now (more than ever) available to all of us.

I like the jerseys that we propose: some smooth, others animal print, but all with the casual air that I like. I am also of which arrived this point full of sweaters and coats the closet (although the first I use them both last at most a couple of seasons). That's why I love the reasonably cheap price: 19'99 euros for each one of them is better than good.


Your soul mate (in what refers coats)

Coats for euros? 39'99 are possible? Yes, and this is where you hear a deathly silence and crickets background with us. Yes, my eyes have gone out of their orbits to see that all these models marked this price. I would not know what to stay! How about if I choose all?


Even if you've fallen completely by the gold jacket I have a (very) good news: this model costs only 29'99 euros. The problem? Not yet gone on sale. But I'll be lurking to pounce on her, will not escape!


And if you you have to go in costume to the office, you can now wear a black and white look very chic: this set makes the job a good enough reason to get out of bed every morning.


The coolest night

Mango does not forget the night and presents looks black where color is the protagonist. Velvet or sequins: you choose the material, they show you how. The truth is that I could not stay with what these two models ...



Kate and her time

Yes, and is not the same as seeing the clothes in motion picture, here we advance the new advertisement where the top model does not stop wagging the body.

What do you think of this new catalog?

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