Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keys for shopping style: a double-breasted military coat, no parkas

Isabel Marant Isabel Marant.

The day we can wear a coat this fall-winter fashion have passed all the current trends, it is very crazy time. By the time we take note that best insurance changes in two days and catches us with nothing. Among the fashionable coats include those with a taste for the military but not today have to talk about the other details parkas but better, as the double breasted. A key style face these months.

Color in details

Many brands rose to the gateway with the typical military coat cut straight, broad and double breasted sizing as essential detail. Isabel Marant was one of those brands. In this case small differences prevail face to make it more attractive. By that firm chooses minimal orange accents brighten it. Sure, the price is not so happy: 1290 euro . Charlie already saving.

Asos Petite

A similar version, maybe too much, but cheaper, is this military coat from Asos Petite for 127.04 euros . A more fitted coat that can be worn as a dress. From my favorite selection.

A young look

pull bear

Most shelters are proposed here a long mid-calf and duller colors, features a priori transmit older. For a younger audience best casual cut like Pull & Bear in this jacket at the waist in a perfect navy. The good: the neck is removable so it's okay if you're reaction to this hair detail. For 39.99 euros .

Vero Moda

A touch more festive with this design is achieved by Vero Moda with a thinner gold buttons and back at the waist, with flaps that mimic the male cardigans these past seasons. Hooded. For 84.69 euros .

The traditional military is green

River Island

Places to look for a green military coat is the basic choice. River Island has this large that I love. Suitable to wear a blazer under undisturbed site. Big pockets, successful radio buttons in gold and contrasting collar. For 80 pounds .


Failing that does not get the budget to opt for one of Burberry Prorsum, while also serving as an inspiration Asos (across great distances, that's very clear). This model 197.61 euros added contrast coat multiple zones and includes a rack on each side.

Midnight blue or indigo??


Okay, the green is too seen other version better. In blue nor fails and if you choose midnight blue with a darker finish which does not lack the contrast with the leather in small areas better. East DKNY would be a good purchase. For 769.50 euros .


A live version: this indigo blue White. A base coat with multiple pockets belt and false. For 49.99 euros .

Do we add the tacks?


An option to continue with the rocker look is this coat from Zara for 89.95 euros but ultimately give a formal finish the long, for that better a leather jacket.


Another with whom I stay without hesitation. East IKKS by 380 euros . The traditional military coat impeccable.

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