Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lady Dior goes to the Hamptons with his bag, bon voyage, Marion Cotillard!

hampton cotillard lady

Of all the recent signings made ​​famous Dior to join them just stick with Marion Cotillard, light years ahead of Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis . Natalie Portman worth I also like a clear yes, but she is already more time bound Dior. Marion Cotillard has the class and image that I ask so Dior Lady Dior new campaign meets necessary.

Jean-Baptiste Mondino is who gets behind the camera in the Hamptons to link two scenes in this picture that are taken at two different times and in which the action is too forced. The position forced Marion Cotillard could have been improved.

The Lady Dior campaign is moving to his beloved small hand bag worldwide. What will be the next stop?

Although I like to see Marion Cotillard in static, I stay with her in this video from behind the scenes of the campaign.

Take this opportunity to remember the documentary that Dior has been indulging in stages:

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