Saturday, October 6, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 54


Without realizing we're here, a week, through Saturday. We are 48 hours ahead of rest, free and clear the mind. For those who have no plans or do not know what to do to kill time, we propose an agenda that will keep you busy for the rest of the weekend. Alone or accompanied, that's choice.

Today is a good day to get the batteries to the cinema, and Spanish if this is better. So I recommend you go see Snow White version directed by Pablo Berger has been chosen to represent the Oscars 2013. To read a review in depth it is best that you go through the Film Blog . There will report everything.

Thinking about decorating the house? A good idea brings us the blog Decoesfera with neon wall. Yes, be original and decorate your wall in a claim for those who come to visit.


Who said we can not take in Fall ice cream? Not true, but the truth is that none will resemble those of Bi-Rite (San Francisco). Some know that I've been living there for a few long months and I am in love with the city. So I say yes good hand: if you want a good ice cream you must try the ice cream in this traveler's diary he describes so well .


And if you have the butt and consumerism are gadget freaks, maybe this will flipe portable mixer . No need batteries and connects to many devices: mp3, mobile, etc. Get the dj in you and where you feel like mixture.


Now no more, I say happy weekend!

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