Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looks set to succeed: you join them?


There looks to see them just think, yes, was born to succeed. Like a Hollywood star is involved, these outfits like most: in its simplicity, originality or a whole set. No matter what it takes if not done with attitude and confidence. And these girls have achieved what many are trying for a lifetime ... to be perfect.

Dare is one of the things that these girls have. Not afraid to innovate and it shows in the end result. Example? Like the shirt Sincerely, Jules? Well, part of a Victoria's Secret pajamas, but she adds her street outfit. Also, I like how it combines the topos stamped with the print-animal of your shoes.


There garments combine difficult, but not impossible. The jerseys in XXL but very short waist skinnies feel good about sticking tight to the body of the wearer.


Do not be afraid to combine colored colored +. It should be emphasized by a color but by the end result and a total look in cream can become unbeatable ...


With which of these girls do you prefer?

Photos | Kayture , Around Lucia , Sincerely, Jules , Victoria Platina
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