Monday, October 29, 2012

Low cost watches to wear every day one

Cover watches

True, expensive watches and luxury brands are gorgeous but with the democratization of fashion can find original and beautiful watches at a great price. As low-cost watches we have several models and show them off in our look of the day or occasion.

Party Watches

Not the same wear a sport watch that one party. Each occasion requires a kind of clock. If you go to a wedding and clearly a very casual style watch you destroy your look. Have a watch party is a success because there are always occasions to wear it. Opt for a watch elegant and classic style with fancy details.

Clock 4

Clock with silver chain links and small sphere with small crystals bezel Mark Maddox, for 49 euros.


Watch with rectangular dial, with smooth grained leather strap and white rhinestone detail Oasis, for 24 euros.


Watch with black dial and numbers in silver with glitter belt at Urban Outfitters for 27 euros.

Vintage watches

The watches also follow fashion trends and vintage style what we present in them. Pocket watches with painted flowers or vintage and retro details to match our most romantic looks.


Pocket watch with romantic style with painted flower in the field of Cath Kidston for Accessories, for 52.29 euros.


Watch bezel and dial with floral detail and rhinestone encrusted belt Asos aged leather effect, for 25.41 euros.


Gold effect watch, rectangular dial and art deco style with elastic strap River Island, for 28.23 euros.

Funny Watches

The watches can also be fun and funny with a childlike point. The funniest are those with some detail unusual in the world of watchmaking.


Clock with gold bezel and dial with drawing mustaches and black belt from Asos, for 28.23 euros.


Watch extensible in the same gold bezel and mouse ears. In the sphere is drawn mouse face Asos, for 31.05 euros.


Clock with golden bezel sphere moving with hearts and black belt from Asos, for 28.23 euros.

Casual Watches

For daily best is a casual watch that suits your style and terrain is a watch and waterproof. Opt for big watches and bolder colors.


Clock tortoiseshell multicolored quartz sphere and multifunction chronograph Uterqüe, for 119 euros.


Simple clock with dial and strap of the same color. You can put different spheres or belts and exchange colors. It has up to 20 O'clock than for 28.50 euros.

Clock 11

Watch 3 dials with gold bezel and strap in burgundy Parfois silicone, for 24.99 euros.

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