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Mango presents winter looks to be perfect 24x7, do not get mad!


Every time I'm more a fan of Mango, and not only for their lower prices (also). Her designs cover all tastes and a clear example is their latest catalog for this Winter 2012/2013. And is that countless outfits are what we are in him: street looks for the office, for the weekend, at night ... what you plan to do? Any of your answers is valid for entry to take a look at the store: find what best fits your need.

Ideal and perfect work

Karlie Kloss is one of the faces to be part of this catalog. I recognize that there is a look that I love to go to the office, dress pants in XXL . I have told you many times but I think they're perfect: have that masculine touch so beloved without losing the feminine essence, and that's not easy. So to see several models have rejoiced at how nice.


Although I choose to choose tables: combined with plain clothes create a perfect union, do not you think?


Even if you are in this type of pants you like but want smooth and vary from the typical gray, do it with a model in red (one of the colors of the season). Get that chic look that is sometimes difficult to achieve.


But there is more life after this type of pants: pinstriped suits also provide the same bit of glamor and style.


Winter is often (although today less), synonymous with muted colors and classic black and gray. And yes, the latter found several pieces. And personally ... I love it!


Although we can choose warm colors like beige mixed with brown, what do you think?


A stylish mountain

Going to the mountains is always a challenge for me: how I can go right, warm but without losing the style? The solution lies in these snapshots: heavy coats, wool sweaters and jeans. With very little you have everything.


Best of all is the variety of colors that we provide: klein blue, red, army green, beige ... What is your favorite?


Although there is a piece of shelter that never fails: the markers. Long, short, glossy, matt ... A wide range of possibilities opens up before our eyes.


And as already happened this summer with a signature jersey Navajo, surely this winter one of his models becomes must. One of my favorites is this: wide, in all red and perfect to combine with all kinds of clothes.


The girl urbanite today

But if you are spending the weekend in the city, or just want a fresh look but not for the office, the firm also gives us ideas (hear).


Looks where the main colors (and unique) are white and black, the pair of a lifetime.



I like the black model with spots, but I do not know if I would wear a pair like these. The same happens with the suit-skirt tube having a rough cloth: this type of clothes I feel good.


Are you one of those that loves black total look? Welcome to the dark side of the signature ... There is so much to choose from that I go crazy!



The other day, when we presented the new campaign with Kate Moss on the front , had a jacket that I liked. It was red tweed sleeves black. Well, I was pleased to know that there are more versions: white or ocher. Which do you stay?


The details loom large: a plain dress that at first glance have nothing appears to us with full lace back.


The glamor also walk at night

Bless you for bringing Mango party looks at prices 'payable'. Yes, we often invited to parties, weddings or other events where the label is required. And then we go into a dilemma what to buy? Something to fix it, nice and cheap (we will not give much use to the garment) is not easy. But for the past couple of seasons, the firm makes it easy for us.


The paillettes is one of the materials used in this collection, as it provides a more festive than glam.


The mini dresses are the stars, which is why I can imagine one of these next Christmas 2012.



Although if you want something festive but without resorting to black can do with clothes like these: metal bodies, colorful pants ... Do you dare?


And if not, you can always turn to print-animal. This time in the form of oversize pants.


A point to point

Oooohhhhh! At this point I enjoy, it's my favorite section: the knit sweaters, wool and other shelter materials. And it could'nt ever to acquire new models.


Collar, cardigan, prints, bright colors ... There are so tender that I want everything!



But if there is a model that I like that's the pattern: with applications or not, these models will run faster.


And if you want to look a total blank look you now: I love it! Divine and chic with very little.


Do not you want absolutely everything?

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