Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Massimo Dutti October 2012 Lookbook: classy girls shop here, word!


Massimo Dutti is a company boring and always shows the same. Lie! Not true, and the truth is that seeing his latest lookbook signature shows that it is not at odds with classic taste and style. These are items that can serve you well for this season to the next, certain, and that trends are not loaded. But if we make the perfect blend of these items and more explosive we unique effect.

Although personally I like their outfits 100% Massimo Dutti. To risk a little, maybe I would choose to give different supplements that do not know what makes you unique.


Am one who believes fervently that when it's cold we dress in muted colors and dark, but the truth is that light colors can feel great and this season I dare to look a total blank look like this.


Perfect work

Often office looks boring, bland and not very glamorous. But entering the firm's Web site and see that the office can go perfect with the key pieces: a pencil skirt and a nice wool sweater. Do you dare?


Pinstriped pants and dandy airs never been so feminine and so far ... What I can say about styling? I want to be an important businesswoman to wander up and down the office in the same way.


But if you want trendy air emanating from every pore of your skin, you can combine a blazer decantarte with tracksuit type pants (but good fabric).


In search of the perfect coat

I am of that come the fall lost his head for a good coat. But (almost) never let myself be guided by the trend of the moment is a costly garment from which I take full advantage. So I lay down floor models straight and severe, and in classic colors.


But if you want something more casual for the weekend, but not give up the good taste, maybe this black hooded jacket catches your eye.


And for those who want to feel daring feline or a little more, here we leave an animal print pattern that, although it seems impossible, happens (as far as possible) unnoticed.


What do you think of this new lookbook?

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