Sunday, October 7, 2012

Natalie Joos and stylish tread Volpicella Viviana in the new season of Jimmy Choo


Wanted girls stylish fashion for future campaigns.

Lack little to meet such an ad in the newspaper or internet portals. And is that as the years pass, firms prefer to choose fashionable girls known within the world of fashion rather than the models themselves. We've seen it with Tibi and Olivia Palermo, Bianca Brandolini and Dolce & Gabbana or Mango and his trio of bloggers. And now Jimmy Choo strikes again with Natalie Joos and Viviana Volpicella front.


Miss Joos

Stylist, talent scout, celebrity unconditional ... The truth is that we know very well where does this look so familiar haunting all front-rows of the Fashion Weeks.


A plus for the creative directors of the firm: today a socialite blogger or sells more than just a model.


Images that we could have taken from his blog are forming this new campaign today called Stylemakers.


I like the result and get away from is that the essence of this woman, have been true to form.


Although total-animal print look at me be too much, the image is worth.


Really that is Viviana Volpicella?

I admit, I recognize side fashion assistant at Vogue Nippon. Yes, yes, the protagonist of these images is Viviana Volpicella, I do not know why, I see it changed.


Although I love your style, these images do not make the best of your being. I look at the pictures and think, 'Oh, well, but no big deal'.


Do you personally? The best images are the ones that look the iconic signature biker boots or pumps with a different colored tip.



Boots and other stilettos are presented in other pictures, although I center my attention on finding what I find so different from his face. Do you feel the same?




It seemed a great idea, but the next time I ask you leave my dear Miroslava Duma. What do you think?

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