Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Now you can have the jersey of Zara Olivia Palermo


I know, the world trembles whenever Olivia Palermo hits the streets. If accompanied by her boyfriend, the thing becomes a quake of 8 on the scale of media interest and if Zara is dressed and all we can copy, and make us look like her with her ​​clothes ya! fashionista interest meter overflows and shakes up interstellar space.


Yes, it has been seen by the West Village New Yorker in its heyday, the autumn before they fall frost freezing up ideas. She, along with her ​​g eyperman of all New Yorker brunch as a pro but mottled jersey Zara! Do you want?


I have! Its price is 39.95 and she looks his way, as usual. Me, I like to be contrary but in this case I believe to be right, I will say that the grace of this jersey is almost peplum at his court, which is enhanced, like your silhouette with a belt than without.

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